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On-Farm Research Grant Program

Our association raises funds through our annual conference to provide on-farm research grants to our KARTA association members that can be used to conduct projects that may not be done otherwise. Members experiment with everything from product application, seeding rates, hardware and software, irrigation practices, cover crops, and more. 

Past Funded Projects

  • Irrigation Innovation

  • Plant Growth Regulator on Wheat

  • Phosphorous on Soybeans

  • Red Clover Inter-seeding in Wheat

  • Soil Fertility System Testing

  • Soybean Population

  • Strip Planting

  • Wheat Streak Mosaic Impacts

  • Wheat Population

Application Due April 15, 2023
Apply by February 25, 2023 & Receive a $50 bonus
Up to $5,000 has been allocated for 2023 projects!

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