On-Farm Research Grant Program

Our association raises funds through our annual conference to provide on-farm research grants to our KARTA association members that can be used to conduct projects that may not be done otherwise. Members experiment with everything from product application, seeding rates, hardware and software, irrigation practices, cover crops, and more. 

2019 Funded Projects

  • Irrigation Innovation

  • Plant Growth Regulator on Wheat

  • Phosphorous on Soybeans

  • Red Clover Inter-seeding in Wheat

  • Soil Fertility System Testing

  • Soybean Population

  • Strip Planting

  • Wheat Streak Mosaic Impacts

  • Wheat Population

Apply by February 20, 2019

Up to $8,000 has been allocated for 2019 projects!

What are the Guidelines?

The primary goal of the KARTA research grant initiative is to stimulate on-farm research
efforts by KARTA members. As such, the focus of this program is to foster an understanding
of plot layout & design, data collection and handling, analysis, presentation, and most
importantly; making connections to those folks that can assist a producer in these efforts.
The end-goals for this project are: -- for producers to have the skills and connections to conduct scientifically valid on-farm
research to support their internal decision making -- be able to better evaluate the large volume of “research” that comes across our desks
from Industry and Academia alike

Who Can Apply?

Any paid-in-full members of the Kansas Ag Research & Technology Association can apply for KARTA Research grants. But don't worry, if you're not a member yet, it's easy to join and only costs $100. Visit our Membership page for more details!

What Awards Are Available?

The next grant application deadline is February 20, 2019. There will be four tiers of support available, with up to $8,000 in total grants allocated for the 2019 research cycle. Funding levels are subject to change based on availability.
-- A new Individual Study: $550 -- A new Producer led Group Study: $550/per group participant -- A continuation Study / individual or group: $450 (After a primary study, up to two years of continuation work can be awarded) -- A new University led Group Study / cooperative work: $350/per group participant (Continuation studies for this class will be evaluated at the time of application)

What is Expected from Grant Recipients?

-- The awardee will conduct the study to the best of their abilities. If assistance is required for certain aspects, the awardee will seek out (or request help from) KARTA to find individuals that might assist. -- The study will be accomplished in the year it was awarded (see below for exceptions to this rule). -- A PowerPoint presentation will be prepared and presented at the Annual KARTA event. This presentation will then be made available in our e-proceedings​

Special Situations

Many things often wreck on-farm research efforts, including but not limited to, extreme weather, equipment/labor problems, data/software problems, and other extraneous events. As such, if a project is not completed satisfactorily (to the producer) in the award year, then there are three options: -- The project can be rolled forward into the next year (we would prefer that projects not be rolled more than three years, but exceptions can be made). -- The methodology/results from an accomplished non-funded study can be used as a substitute for the failed project. -- The money can be returned and the study simply cancelled (This is really a last resort, and KARTA will work extensively with a producer before this option is ever explored).

How Do I Apply?

Please use the link on this page to "Submit an Application" using our convenient online form. Be as thorough as you can when answering the questions about your proposed research project. Questions can be directed to kartaonline@yahoo.com.