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KARTA Membership Information

Anyone can join the Kansas Ag Research and Technology Association. Research efforts are targeted to Kansas producers. However, because of the wide diversity in agricultural climate even in Kansas, membership is not limited to Kansas residents.


New members are welcome any time of the year. The $100 membership dues are paid annually. However, any person joining mid-year will benefit from an increased 1st year membership period which will carry them through the next annual meeting, which is always held in January (in conjunction with the Kansas Agricultural Technologies Conference).

Benefits for Members:

  • Opportunity to associate with others with similar interests

  • Reduced cost to attend any KARTA sponsored event

  • Eligibility to receive an on-farm research grant

  • Reservation preference and advance notice to future KARTA events

  • Voting rights at all KARTA meetings

  • Eligibility to serve on the Board of Directors

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